Though couples filing for divorce in New Jersey are not required to hire a family lawyer, many choose to do so in order to obtain the assistance of counsel in preparing legal pleadings and presenting oral and written arguments before the court. Listed below are more examples in which hiring a lawyer could benefit one or both parties:

Understanding Complex Legal Matters

Filing for divorce in New Jersey requires a certain level of knowledge of many complex legal matters. You must determine court jurisdiction, complete and serve the divorce petition with a proposed division of assets, calculate child support, and provide for child custody if applicable. This is followed by discovery and meetings to resolve or litigate disputed issues in court. Finally, you must obtain a final divorce order that is complete in all details.

Common mistakes in do-it-yourself divorces involve using erroneous words and phrases in divorce applications. For example, using the term “shared legal custody” instead of “joint legal custody” can have significant implications. A lawyer familiar in family law can explain complicated legal terms and procedures ahead of time to prevent misunderstandings.

Completing Name and Account Changes

After the divorce is final, your family attorney can help you complete a number of complicated administrative tasks, such as changing title to property, transferring retirement funds, closing and dividing accounts, and changing your name on all vital records. Mishandling financial accounts, such as by depositing marital funds into separate accounts, can easily result in financial or legal liabilities that can be avoided with the assistance of counsel.

Doing it Right the First Time

Clients who represent themselves often find it necessary to file for a modification to fix mistakes in their divorce orders or child support pleadings. It is much more difficult to fix a mistake made in a custody, child support, or visitation hearing than it is to do it right the first time.

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