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Criminal Practice Areas

Schreyer Law Firm LLC has experience with litigation in a wide range of criminal cases in New Jersey, and we provide free initial consultations, which can help you gain a better understanding of your charges. If you are arrested, remain silent and request an attorney.

Our Most Common Criminal Defense Cases Are:

Below you’ll get a look at a handful of the areas where we can offer representation that will let you get your life back on track.


DUIs can have many possible outcomes, depending on the driver’s BAC, track record, and whether an accident occurred. The quality of your lawyer can also affect your sentence, since larger firms may settle for a longer list of penalties—including jail time and long-term license suspension.

Drug Crimes

Penalties for minor drug possession in the state of New Jersey can include six months in jail and $1000 in fines. In cases involving intent to sell or drug trafficking, penalties can be much more severe. The right lawyer will explore every detail of your case to approach your defense from every possible angle for the most favorable outcomes.


Assault can cover a wide range of different crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or assault committed during a criminal act. Thousands of assault charges are brought up in New Jersey courts each year, and it takes an experienced attorney to help share your side of the story.

White Collar Crimes

Non-violent crimes such as fraud, embezzling, credit card fraud, and identity theft all fall into the category of white collar crimes, which can be high profile cases, sometimes affecting prominent public figures and politicians. In these cases your attorney may work with a number of financial and technological specialists to examine and interpret evidence.

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What to Do If You’re Arrested

If you are arrested or brought in for questioning, you will want to remember that law enforcement officers will use a wide range of tactics to gain incriminating evidence to use against you when it comes time for a trial. Therefore, you should keep calm and use the following steps to avoid having evidence stack up against you.

  • Reserve your right to remain silent – Even if you are completely innocent, saying the wrong thing during an interview with law enforcement could make you look guilty. That’s why it is best to avoid answering any questions and preserving your right to remain silent.
  • Request a lawyer – One statement you will want to make is a request for a lawyer. You are allowed to have a defense attorney by your side during all questioning, but police officers may attempt to delay getting legal representation in the room. Stand firm in your request for an attorney, and wait to say anything else until one arrives.

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