Domestic violence is a serious offense that can lead to lengthy sentences. Unfortunately, the mere mention of domestic violence is sometimes enough to discredit a person’s reputation for his or her lifetime and in many cases these accusations are completely false. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, contact a domestic violence attorney in Paterson, NJ, right away. Let your criminal lawyer know the facts of the case, including possible motivations the other party may have for making false allegations.

Domestic violence attorneys often handle cases in which one person accuses another of domestic violence simply to try to get revenge. Perhaps you recently tried to break up with your partner and he or she received the news badly. In retaliation, your partner may have made false accusations of domestic violence. Domestic violence attorneys also frequently see false accusations when the accuser is attempting to gain full custody of a child. Accusing the other parent of domestic violence is one way to discredit that person in court. Similarly, an individual who makes false accusations may obtain a restraining order for the purpose of excluding the accused from the family home. This can serve as a motivator for an unscrupulous individual.