A restraining order is a legal document issued by a judge that outlines certain actions you may or may not take. Restraining orders are often used during domestic violence and divorce proceedings; a domestic violence restraining order is meant to prevent the abusive spouse from contacting, approaching, or harming their partner. In accordance with New Jersey family law, domestic violence final restraining orders are permanent and do not require review or renewal. To vacate this type of restraining order, you must submit a court application to have the order removed. When reviewing your application, a judge will consider factors such as whether your spouse agrees with your request to vacate the restraining order, your current relationship with your spouse or ex-spouse, whether you have violated the restraining order in the past, and whether you have been involved in violent incidents with other individuals, either before or after the restraining order was placed. Working with an experienced family law attorney near Paterson during this time can help you establish a solid defense against the restraining order to increase the likelihood that it will be lifted.