As with other states, New Jersey has very strict laws regarding driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses. The severity of the potential penalties involved is one reason why it’s essential to work with a DUI attorney serving Hackensack. Your Westwood lawyer can help you learn what you should do in the event you’re arrested for DWI, and he or she can explain your legal rights and options to you.

dwi-hackensackCooperate with the Officer

If a police officer feels as though you’re being uncooperative or belligerent, it is quite likely that you’ll be facing other charges in addition to a DWI charge. It’s important to help the officer feel at ease during the traffic stop. Immediately after you’ve been pulled over, turn on the dome light and place both hands on your steering wheel. Provide your driver’s license, insurance card, and registration promptly upon request.

Avoid Admitting to Fault

Although your DUI attorney will advise you to cooperate with the arresting officer, it’s equally as important to avoid giving him or her more information than you need to. Since being pulled over can be a highly stressful event, it’s all too common for motorists to become excessively talkative. You might feel compelled to inform the officer that you only had one glass of wine with dinner, for example. These statements can be used against you. They can serve as a reason for the officer to investigate you further. As your lawyer will explain to you, you have the right to politely decline to answer questions.

Understand Implied Consent

New Jersey has implied consent laws, which means that any motorist driving on New Jersey roads has automatically given implied consent to submit to chemical testing for the presence of alcohol. Understand that if you refuse to submit to the test, your license will be automatically suspended and you’ll receive a fine.

Call Your DUI Attorney

Calling your lawyer is among the most important steps to take after being charged with a DWI offense. Avoid saying anything to the police officers until your attorney arrives. Your attorney will be present during questioning to ensure that your legal rights are upheld.