If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is imperative to immediately consult with a criminal lawyer in Paterson. Only an experienced defense lawyer is well versed in state criminal law and familiar with the criminal justice system. In addition to protecting your rights throughout the process, your criminal defense firm can offer you superior legal advice. Keep reading to learn why you should ask your lawyer about his or experience, communication, and rates.

98708783Specific Experience
A criminal defense attorney must have significant experience defending individuals who have been charged with crimes. When you hire a criminal lawyer, make sure to ask how long he or she has been in practice and how long the law firm has been in operation. Lawyers should be able to provide their track records of success. Your attorney should also be able to tell you how many of his cases have gone to trial—and how many he has won.

Regular Communication
Next, ask your criminal attorney how often he or she will be in touch with you about your case. If your lawyers seem overwhelmed with work and do not communicate with clients regularly, consider hiring a different firm. When you are charged with a crime, the entire course of your life is thrown off. You deserve to work with attorneys who take your case seriously. You should also inquire about who will be working on your case and whether a lawyer or a paralegal will handle the majority of the work.

Positive Referrals
As with any potential lawyers, make sure to inquire about your criminal defense attorney’s local reputation. A good law firm should be able to offer testimonials from clients who were satisfied with their legal advice and representation. One of the best signs that you have hired a reputable defense attorney is his or her ability to provide recommendations from other clients. You should also make sure to ask your lawyers about their firm’s BBB rating.