During a divorce proceeding, alimony rulings can have a major impact on both parties. Yourdivorce lawyer near Paterson will fight to get you the appropriate alimony settlement, whether your spouse owes you or is demanding money you should not have to pay. There are several different types of alimony in New Jersey. Here is a closer look at some of the potential outcomes of your alimony case.

74782096Permanent Alimony
If you are divorcing after a long-term marriage or civil union, permanent alimony is likely to be chosen for your case. When this kind of alimony is awarded, one party has become financially dependent on the other, and that support will continue after the relationship is dissolved. It is called permanent alimony because there is no end date attached to it, but your lawyer may request stipulations. For instance, the alimony may end when the recipient remarries or if he or she gets a significant pay increase. Your family law attorney will negotiate these details at the time of your divorce.

Rehabilitative Alimony
This kind of alimony is awarded when one party is not completely financially dependent on the other, but does require some assistance in starting a new life after divorce. This kind of alimony is designed to be a fresh start and is paid for a specific purpose, like finishing college. Rehabilitative alimony is usually restricted to paying for that goal, though some people do receive both rehabilitative and permanent alimony.

Reimbursement Alimony
This kind of alimony is paid when one spouse financially supported the other during education or job training with the expectation that he or she would share in the financial benefits later in the marriage. This kind of alimony extends only to the cost paid for the education. However, as with rehabilitative alimony, it is possible that a judge may award reimbursement alimony alongside permanent alimony.