If you are arrested for any type of assault charge, it’s essential that you contact a criminal defense attorney in Paterson, NJ, right away. All assault charges are serious criminal offenses and hiring a criminal defense attorney gives you the best chance of securing your freedom. Your defense attorney may need to defend you from simple assault charges if you have been accused of knowingly or recklessly causing, or attempting to cause bodily injury to another person. Simple assault charges also encompass the attempt through physical menacing to place another in fear of serious harm and the negligent causation of physical harm with a deadly weapon. Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense.

As your criminal lawyer can explain to you, aggravated assault is much more serious. This felony charge encompasses a wide range of possible scenarios. In fact, it’s relatively easy for prosecutors to upgrade a simple assault charge to a felony aggravated assault charge. Aggravated assault includes recklessly inflicting harm with a deadly weapon, attempting to cause or knowingly causing physical harm with a deadly weapon, and attempting to cause or causing harm while manifesting extreme indifference to human life.