Seek immediate medical attention

In order to be fully compensated for your injuries, you must have a medical report filed with your Workers’ Compensation Board and insurance carrier. The only way to obtain this medical report is to visit an emergency room or a private healthcare provider immediately following the incident. Even injuries that don’t appear serious at first can quickly become very painful and debilitating. Your doctor will be able to perform a thorough examination to determine the full extent of your injuries.

Notify your employer of your injury
Legally, you are responsible for filing your claim to the Workers’ Compensation Board. However, you still need to discuss the event with your employer and notify them of any injuries that are preventing you from returning to work. If your boss says that they will file a claim to the Board on your behalf, you should ask them for a proof of filing document. To file the claim yourself, you need to contact the Worker’s Compensation Board and ask them for the necessary paperwork.

Speak to an experienced attorney
Even though you are entitled to file a claim for your injury, your insurance provider may not automatically grant you the maximum compensation. In this case, you can have an attorney bring your claim before a judge and fight for the maximum allowance. A judge can order your insurance provider to pay for certain entitlement benefits and medical treatment.

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