40722997Family law is a particularly complicated area. If you’ve been through a divorce and you feel that the divorce decree is not appropriate, it’s best to contact a lawyer who has previously handled post-divorce modifications. Explain to the family attorney in Paterson why and how you feel the divorce decree should be changed. Typically, the court may make modifications in response to significant changes in circumstance. Conversely, if your ex-spouse is requesting modifications that you feel are not appropriate, you’ll also need to retain the services of a family attorney to defend against this action.

Do You Have a Property Division Dispute?
In most cases, requests to modify the division of assets are denied by the court. However, there are a few exceptions to this. You could request a post-divorce modification if you believe that your ex-spouse intentionally hid assets from you during the divorce. Another exception involves the failure of one spouse to execute the terms of a property division agreement. For example, your divorce lawyer might ask the court to enforce the marital settlement if your ex-spouse has refused to sell the house and split the proceeds with you in accordance with the decree.

Do You Need to Change a Support Order?
Post-divorce modifications often involve changes to child support or alimony. If you pay child support, you may need to request a modification to reduce the amount of the payments if you lose your job or otherwise experience significant financial losses. If you have primary physical custody of the child and you receive child support, you may need to request an increase in the payment amount if the child falls ill and requires expensive medical treatments.

Should the Child Custody Order be Modified?
Your divorce lawyer may also request post-divorce modifications on your behalf if there have been significant changes that affect the custody arrangement or parenting plan. You might request modifications if you believe your ex-spouse is neglecting the child, if you believe the new partner of the ex-spouse is neglecting the child, or if the child isn’t being properly supervised at the home. You might also request a change in the parenting plan if the other parent has been convicted of a violent crime, has been abusing drugs, or has been diagnosed with a physical or mental illness that compromises his or her parenting ability.