Family law near Paterson is complex, which is why you should consult with a n experienced divorce attorney if you are considering divorce or planning to modify your divorce decree. If you and your spouse agree, your divorce lawyer merely files paperwork for the court’s approval. If you disagree on proposed changes to plans for child support, spousal support, or child custody, your divorce attorney will need to convince the court. Continue reading to learn why you may want to consider a modification, including financial shifts, new partners, and safety concerns.

105439763Financial Shifts
In family law, former spouses most commonly ask the court to modify their divorce decrees due to changes in one person’s financial circumstances. For example, one side’s divorce lawyer may seek more child support if his or her ex was formerly unemployed and has now secured a lucrative position. Your divorce attorney may also seek to modify the divorce decree if you have recently had to take a substantial pay cut. Additionally, you may seek more child support as your children become older and have more expenses.

New Partners
Your family law attorney cannot ask to modify your divorce decree simply because you dislike your ex’s new significant other. However, if that person is giving your children advice that contradicts your values or allowing them to do things you would never permit, your lawyers may be able to modify your child custody arrangement.

Safety Concerns
In some situations, a divorce attorney will be forced to ask for a change in child support or child custody due to concerns about a child’s safety when he or she is with one parent. For example, one parent may have developed a drug or alcohol addiction after the demise of the marriage, making it unsafe for that individual to be around children. Suspected physical or sexual abuse also mandates a divorce decree modification. At that point, you should immediately contact your lawyers and notify the court.