pulled-over-for-dui-in-bergen-countyIf you are driving with a heightened Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), police may pull you over and request to check the alcohol content in your breath, blood, or urine. New Jersey law dictates that all drivers operating motor vehicles on state roads consent to be tested for alcohol or drugs in the event that they are pulled over.

If a driver believes that a Breathalyzer test will be incorrect, he or she may request to receive a urine or blood test. However, refusing to undergo any test until following arrest can have serious consequences if you are subsequently convicted of a DWI. New Jersey law is clear in holding that a driver who refuses a chemical test and is then found guilty will face increased fines, jail time, and an extended license suspension.

Before refusing a DWI test, you should know all of the consequences. The Law Office of Walter K. Schreyer in Westwood can help drivers with both New Jersey and New Work regulations. Call our office today at (201) 383-4256 to schedule an appointment and talk about your case.