After a marriage ends and you’re going through a divorce, it’s natural to want to move on with your life, including moving on with new relationships. However, if you ask your divorce attorney in Paterson if you can go out on a date while your divorce is being finalized, you may be surprised to hear that dating and divorce don’t mix. Although dating could impact your divorce, every situation is different, so ask your attorney for legal advice specific to your situation. Here is what you need to know about moving on with your life after your marriage ends without creating additional stress for your divorce or compromising your settlement.

Why Dating Affects Your Divorce

Dating unfortunately creates a series of complications your divorce lawyer must answer in court. The biggest challenge of dating before your divorce is final is that you are still married. Some judges look unfavorably on people who begin romantic relationships before their marriages are legally ended. There may also be suspicion that your relationship is not new and that it started before you separated, thus making it a grounds for divorce. Your ex’s lawyer may subpoena your new partner to depose him or her about your relationship to see if there is proof of an affair that can be used against you to reduce your divorce settlement. Your ex may also want your partner deposed to determine if you have shared any marital assets with your new partner. Even if you haven’t crossed any of these lines, they lead to additional stress during the already trying process of divorce.

How to Date Without Harming Your Case

If dating is a must, start by making sure your divorce lawyer knows. Do not date until you are physically separated, and avoid bringing your partner in front of your children. It is best to date in groups instead of one-on-one to keep your relationship discreet. Avoid serious entanglements, such as cohabitation and pregnancy, until your divorce is finalized. If you’re dating simply because you feel isolated, ask your attorney about divorce support groups where you can meet others going through the same process.