Settling matters of child custody and visitation may be the most difficult and emotional aspect of finalizing a divorce. At The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer in Westwood, our divorce lawyers are available to help you, utilizing more than 35 years of experience with child custody and visitation disputes.

children-in-divorceMost family law courts feel that it is ideal for both parents to play a role in the child’s upbringing. Our divorce lawyers will help you evaluate your situation and goals for your child by finding the answers to certain questions. For instance: Will custody and visitation arrangements affect child support payments? Where will the child go to school? Will you continue to live in the same area or move out of state? Will parenting time be divided equally? Once our Hackensack attorneys understand your unique situation, we can devise a personally designed plan to arrive at what’s best for your child.

A divorce lawyer from our law firm will also help you understand the complex legal terms used when determining child custody. Mostly importantly, attorney Walter K. Schreyer and our outstanding staff will use all the tools at their disposal to help you and your child.