67786972While you are not required to have an attorney during divorce proceedings, you are strongly advised to seek experienced legal representation. Legal separations can be complex affairs, especially if your spouse is protesting the divorce or asking for more than his or her fair share. A skilled divorce attorney in Westwood can protect your personal and financial interests and help make the entire process easier. But with so many lawyers to choose from in Bergen County, how do you know which one to choose?

Here are some tips that will help you when searching for a divorce attorney in New Jersey.

Know What You Want
Before you rush out to hire a divorce attorney, make a list of everything you want or hope to accomplish by filing for divorce. This is especially important if you have children with your spouse and are entangled with finances. By knowing exactly what you want, you will be able to find a divorce attorney in Westwood that can help you accomplish your goals. For example, if you will be filing for sole custody or asking for more than equitable distribution, you’re better off with a divorce attorney who has litigation experience rather than a legal mediator.

Interview Potential Attorneys
After you’ve identified a few different law firms in your area, call each one up and ask about what type of client they typically represent and how much they charge. Don’t waste your time on a meeting if the lawyer is out of your cost range or doesn’t have significant family law experience. You should also ask about the attorney’s trial record and history of success in court in case your divorce proceedings cannot be mediated amicably.

Look for Red Flags
When hiring a divorce attorney, you need to make sure you aren’t being told want you want to hear just to close the deal. For starters, be wary of any attorneys that make promises or guarantees. There are no certainties during the divorce process and to promise otherwise is unethical and misleading. Another red flag is a lawyer who talks about high-profile clients or divulges confidential information based on other cases, as it’s highly likely they’ll do the same to you