Rather than trudge through a marriage that does not make either party happy, many people decide to divorce and go their separate ways. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy process and will typically require the help of a divorce lawyer or even a child custody attorney in Paramus. If you’re thinking about dissolving your marriage, look at some of the common grounds for divorce in New Jersey.

The institution of marriage typically implies a shared household throughout the duration of the engagement. If you and your spouse are separated for an extended period of time with no potential for reconciliation, this constitutes grounds for divorce. There are a number of reasons that you and your spouse may find yourselves living in separate locations. If your spouse is arrested and spends at least one and a half years in prison after you have been married, you may file for divorce; it should be noted, however, that you must not resume living with your spouse after he or she is released. You may also file for divorce in the event that your spouse is institutionalized for two years or more due to mental illness. Alternatively, may file for divorce if you and your spouse have had irreconcilable differences for six or more months with no chance of reconciliation.

Mistreatment is another ground that can come in many forms. Adultery, which occurs when your spouse willingly engages in sexual activity with someone else without your consent, is grounds for immediate divorce. Additionally, you can and should meet with a divorce attorney if your spouse does anything to put you in danger, including threats as well as physical or mental harm.

Addiction or Abandonment
A spouse who is addicted to drugs cannot typically be trusted to contribute to a family or a marriage. If your spouse is addicted to any kind of drug, including alcohol, for a year or more following the marriage, it may be a good idea to talk to a divorce attorney. If your spouse abandons you, whether it is addiction-related or not, you may file for divorce after twelve months.

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