If two parents are considering splitting up, their first worry is often their children. In splitting one household into two, parents will need to decide on the best way to divide the youngsters’ time in order to allow them to cause the last challenges possible. While every family is different, here are some common types of visitation set-ups agreed upon after a divorce.

Alternating Weekends

For the purpose of continuity, one parent may have custody of the children during the course of the school week so that they may attend clubs and extracurricular activities and always come home to the same place. Parents often choose to supplement this arrangement by alternating weekend visitation. That way the parent who has the children during the week may also spend the weekend with them several times a month.

Splitting School Breaks In Half

School vacations can vary in duration from just a few days to several months. Parents looking to establish an agreeable visitation schedule will often split longer school breaks in half in order to give both partners time to take children on vacation. In the event that the parents live in separate cities or states, this also minimizes the cost of travel.

Choosing Every Other Major Holiday

Another very common visitation arrangement is to alternate major holidays so that children are able to experience traditions with members of both sides of the family. Parents will often decide that the mom may take the kids for Christmas one year, but Easter will be spent with the father (or vice versa). Subsequently, parents may switch these holidays from year to year so that all Christmases are not spent with one parent.

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