defense-attorney-in-hackensackEven if you are charged with a minor crime in New Jersey, you still have a lot to lose. The penalties for conviction of a municipal court charge can include up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, and an entry in your permanent criminal record. The good news is that an experienced defense attorney in Westwoodcan help you challenge a minor charge and fight the repercussions of a guilty verdict. Examples of common municipal court offenses that your lawyer can help you fight include:


Although criminal trespass is similar to burglary in that both offenses involve unlawful entry or unlawfully remaining in a property, criminal trespass is less serious because the defendant does not entry or remain with the intent or purpose of committing further criminal offenses. If you reasonably believed that you had access to a structure and were charged with criminal trespassing as a result, contact a Westwood defense attorney today.

Simple Assault

A simple assault is an offense that entails causing bodily harm to another person either knowingly or negligently. Simple assault can even include the threat or perceived threat of bodily harm to another person. The context and background of your case are the most important factors when it comes to fighting a simple assault charge, so contact a Hackensack law firm as soon as possible to discuss your case and build your defense.

Driver Under the Influence

While there was a time when New Jersey courts did not regard a DWI charge as a serious violation, this view has dramatically changed in recent years. Even a first offense carries a fine ranging from $250 to $400, loss of driving privileges for up to three months, incarceration for up to 30 days, and other costs of more than $1,000. A DUI attorney can mount an effective defense on your behalf, but you have to contact a DUI law firm as soon as possible to give the attorney time to go over your case and prepare for trial.