461924321In New Jersey, minor drug possession charges can result in up to six months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. As drug charges become more severe, the potential consequences also become more severe. For this reason, anyone accused of a drug charge in New Jersey, no matter how minor, should seek the expertise of a defense lawyer.

When a municipal court handles a drug possession charge, the case typically involves small amounts of marijuana. At The Law Office of Walter K. Schreyer, we help New Jersey residents facing possession charges within a motor vehicle, possession of illegal drug paraphernalia, as well as possession with intent to distribute drugs. In addition, we handle cases involving major possession charges, such as cases involving cocaine and heroin. Our team of legal professionals includes a former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney. As a result, our firm is in a unique position to understand how a prosecutor will likely proceed with a case.

Mr. Schreyer is a New Jersey d rug crime defense attorney with more than 35 years of legal experience. Call now to schedule your free initial confidential case review. Get the affordable, quality representation you deserve!