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Tips for Co-Parenting Communication

Children need stability, consistency, and emotional support as they grow. In most cases, they also need ongoing access to both parents. Long after your divorce attorney in Paterson, NJ, helps you sort through the settlement agreement, you’ll have to deal with your ex for the sake of your kids. If your divorce was particularly contentious, … Continue reading Tips for Co-Parenting Communication

The Expungement Process in New Jersey

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but when a mistake involves a criminal charge, it can haunt a person throughout his or her lifetime. If you have a criminal record, consider talking to a defense attorney in Paterson, NJ. A criminal lawyer can determine if you may be eligible for criminal record expungement. Expungement is the process … Continue reading The Expungement Process in New Jersey

A Brief Overview of White-Collar Crime Charges

White-collar crimes are usually theft crimes, which are non-violent and involve allegations of large amounts of stolen money. Modern white-collar crimes may also involve the use of computer systems and Internet technology. As such, the evidence in white-collar crime cases can be extremely complex, so it’s important for anyone facing white-collar criminal charges to consult … Continue reading A Brief Overview of White-Collar Crime Charges

Different Type of Identity Theft

When someone steals another person’s information and uses it without permission, it is considered identity theft. Even though identity theft is a non-violent, white-collar crime, it can create considerable havoc on the victim’s credit history, financial reputation, and overall financial well-being. The best way for someone to protect against identity theft is to safeguard his … Continue reading Different Type of Identity Theft

Understanding White-Collar Crimes

The term “white-collar crime” was reportedly coined in 1939. Today, it is synonymous with a wide range of frauds and scams committed by businesses and government professionals with the intent to steal large amounts of money. If you are under investigation for white-collar crimes, it is crucial that you obtain representation from an experienced criminal … Continue reading Understanding White-Collar Crimes