DYSF cases—or those filed by the Department of Youth and Family Services—are extremely serious, and during divorce, they are also extremely common. Many spouses file DYFS cases out of spite or to unfairly influence child custody decisions. If you have a DYFS case filed against you, contact your divorce attorney in Paterson immediately to protect yourself and your relationship with your child.

6431366What Is a DYFS Case?
When a DYFS case is filed, it means that the DYFS is investigating you for accusations that you are neglecting or abusing your child. The goal is to ensure your child is safe and to remove any children living in dangerous situations for their own protection. These cases begin when someone files a claim with DYFS and provides affidavits from various people to the family court that corroborate any charges of abuse or neglect.

Why Are DYFS Cases Common in Divorce?
Child custody is one of the most contentious issues in family law. Frequently, parents look for ways to gain leverage during these cases, and claiming that the other spouse abuses or neglects the child can be a powerful way to sway the judge. Even if it is eventually proven that the case against you is unfounded, your child could still be temporarily removed from your home, and your custody could be impacted. Going back to correct any changes made to your custody can be costly and time-consuming.

What Should I Do if a DYFS Case Is Filed?
Notify your lawyer immediately if you are advised that you are the target of a DYFS case. Your attorney will fight aggressively to dispel the case and minimize its impact on your divorce and child custody dispute. If the case is proven to be unfounded, your lawyer may also be able to pursue compensation on your behalf or use the erroneous case in your favor during child custody negotiations.