7270446Divorce is rarely an easy matter. Even the most amiable partners with the best and most loving intentions for ending their marriage can find themselves in the middle of confusing and overwhelming conflict. Learning to deal with conflicts that arise during this time is one of the best ways to manage the stress of divorce. It’s also important that you learn to cope with conflict so you can keep a straight head and work with your Westwood divorce attorney to secure the best possible outcome. Here are some tips to help you effectively manage conflict in your divorce.

Set the Tone
You can’t control how your partner feels during this time, but you can help set the tone for how the divorce proceedings will play out. When there is verbal aggression and attempts made by your spouse to agitate or upset you, respond calmly and explain that you want to resolve the issues in a respectful manner. Your partner may be unresponsive to your attempts at avoiding conflict, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Seek Professional Mediation
If conflict is unavoidable, you might consider professional mediation. Mediation is a short-term, structured process focused on resolving contentious issues in the divorce. You and your partner will meet with an impartial mediator who will help the two of you work through areas of disagreement until an agreement is reached on various issues regarding financial issues, child custody, etc.

Refer to Your Attorney
If mediation doesn’t help settle the conflict, your divorce lawyer can. For one thing, your divorce lawyer will serve as your representative, minimizing or eliminating entirely the amount of contact you have with your spouse outside of the courtroom. Your divorce attorney can also file motions with the court that document your attempts to resolve conflict and your spouse’s refusal to cooperate, which can have a positive impact on the outcome of your divorce.