Choosing a Professional Will, Estate and Probates Attorney

Wills and probate are components of life and death.  The desires of a dearly beloved can be expressed with a last will.  This legal instrument explains everything from funeral arrangements to what assets beneficiaries will inherit.  Upon death, the deceased’s’ last will and testaments are filed through probate courts for validation and estate resolution.

The whole process of validating wills and probate normally stretches between three and nine months.  Probate provides time for estate administrators to find missing heirs, contact creditors, get property appraisals, pay overdue debts, and inform government agencies such as Medicare, Social Security or Veteran’s Administration.

Issues pertaining to Probates and estates, gifts and inheritances, normally have a legal and tax consequence.  So it is smart to get professionals who can properly advice on both areas.

As Probate Professionals, the Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer, has Solicitors, Chartered Tax Advisers, Trust and Estate Practitioners, offering us the needed skills to provide you with all the professional expertise and experience you need.

We also offer the following:

  • Administration of an Estate
  • Obtaining grants of Probate
  • Resolving deputes
  • Dealing with executor’s legal and tax obligations
  • Aiding beneficiaries to file their inheritance tax returns with the Revenue Commissioners,
  • Addressing any queries raised by the Probate Office or the Revenue on your behalf.

Components that may extend probate include case workload, contesting a will, or when the deceased person did not execute a last will and testament.  Intestate probate will demand appointing an estate executor through court confirmation.  Most times to settle the estate relatives will accept the position or maintain the services of a lawyer or estate planner.

Contending wills happens when heirs believe they are rightfully entitled to inheritance assets which were not given to them.  Inheritors can also contest probated wills if they believe the deceased was not of sound mind or under the influence of another when they executed the document.

At the Law Firm Of Walter K. Schreyer, we are adequately positioned to offer tailored counsel on all facet of inheritance law and asset transfers.  We can make it possible to enable you structure such transfers in a tax efficient way.

When family problems arise, estate planning professional suggest engaging a probate lawyer to settle the estate.  This method most times discourages family members from moving in this direction even though it does not preclude heirs from contending a will.

Walter K. Schreyer’s law firm attorneys are ardent when it comes to clients having their Estate Planning affairs in order.  Our experts have the experience; knowledge and understanding to assist you understand the legal jargon often associated with legal instruments.

Our lawyers will explain the product offering and advise you on what best meets your needs.  The cost involved is also explained and what measures have to be taken in getting your documents drawn up.  If you are presently engaged in probate, Walter K. Schreyer will be obliged to talk with you to;

  • Help you through the process
  • Help you liquidate assets
  • Save you time and money.

As the best in legal services for Wills, Estates and Probate, we will match any given quote.

Our firm is dedicated in rendering qualified, professional legal services, advice and counselling in conformity with the apex standards of professional accountability.   At Walter K. Schreyer, we also stress client confidentiality not just among the lawyers but the entire legal support staff.

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