Family law is arguably the most important type of civil law that many Americans will ever encounter. Fighting for your children, marriage, or property is often better with an advocate by your side. This is why choosing a lawyer is essential to most family law matters. The following are some family law practice areas that a lawyer can help you with:

Divorce and Legal Separation

This situation is probably most associated with family law. An attorney can help guide you through a divorce, legal separation, splitting of property and alimony payments. These life experiences are often highly emotional and a lawyer can remain goal-oriented to help you sort out your affairs. Adequate representation is a core component of applying the law to your familial and financial situation.

Child Custody and Parenting Issues

If both parents are interested in remaining in the child’s life, the spouses must come to an agreement about parenting time. This can often be an arduous and time-consuming process that requires a large amount of negotiation. If there is a discrepancy in the earning power of the partners, child support payments may also need to be agreed upon. A family lawyer would fight for your time with your kids.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Many couples think that signing a pre-nuptial agreement will lead to divorce, or to one spouse taking advantage of another. But in actuality, these are great opportunities for partners to sit down and have a frank discussion about money and financial expectations. Honesty about income can start a marriage off on the right foot—and an attorney can help you draft a balanced and equitable agreement.

Family law matters can have far-reaching repercussion on the rest of your life. Contact lawyer Walter K. Schreyer for help with custody, divorce, or pre-nuptial agreements in New Jersey and New York. Dial (888) 511-2837 to schedule a consultation in our New Jersey office.


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