divorce-law-westwood-new-jerseyGetting divorced is a lengthy and sometimes complicated legal battle, especially if the other spouse doesn’t consent to the divorce or wants more than what’s legally owed. If you aren’t prepared to get a divorce now, or if you don’t want to get divorced at all, you can still achieve some of the agreements that typically come with a divorce through a legal separation agreement. A divorce lawyer in Westwood can help you draft a separation agreement that will protect what is yours while you live apart from your spouse. Here is a closer look at what goes into a separation agreement and the benefits of obtaining one.

Resolve Financial Issues

A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and your spouse to resolve issues such as the division of assets and debt, alimony/spousal support, child support, and other financial issues. Hire a divorce attorney to help you draft your separation agreement, especially if you have a complex financial situation or own a business.

Retain Certain Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why a legal separation might be a better financial choice than divorce. For one, a separation may entitle you to continue receiving health insurance benefits under your husband’s plan. A legal separation may also entitle you to retain certain military benefits. If you and your spouse cannot live together anymore but you still care for each other and want to retain helpful benefits, contact a divorce attorney to draw up a separation agreement.

Mediate Divorce Proceedings

While some people who obtain a separation agreement never end up getting divorced, most do. When you or your spouse is ready to move on and make your separation official, the terms of your separation agreement can be incorporated into the divorce, making the process much easier and much more efficient. If you already have a separation agreement and would like to move forward with divorce proceedings, contact a divorce attorney in Westwood to discuss your options.