If you have been accused of rape, sexual assault, or any other type of sex crime, do not speak with the police or child services unless your lawyer in Paterson is present. Even if you aren’t yet charged, such accusations can leave a lasting effect on your reputation, including being labeled as a sexual offender. A criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the charges against you and will aggressively defend your rights. Here is a look at the different types of sex crimes involving the Internet that one can be charged with in New Jersey.

50241449Internet Sex Crimes
Few criminal accusations carry the same stigma as Internet sex crimes. If these charges result in conviction, then they will forever affect your life because of New Jersey’s Megan’s Law and Community Supervision for Life. Even if your charges don’t result in a conviction, you may have difficulty recovering from the ordeal. In New Jersey, Internet sex crimes include possessing and sharing child pornography, enticing or soliciting a minor in a chat room, and sending explicit photos of yourself to a minor. Laws governing Internet sex crimes are complex, so it’s important to consult with a defense attorney.

Child Pornography
Any visual depiction of someone who is under the age of 18 engaged in sexually explicit conduct is considered child pornography. Federal jurisdiction is invoked in child pornography cases whenever electronic images are distributed or downloaded across state lines. As such, many child pornography cases can be prosecuted in federal court. Additionally, a prosecuting attorney may increase the severity of a sentence if your case involves a large number of images or especially young children.

Megan’s Law
Every state has a variation of Megan’s Law, which governs how sex offender information is made available to the public. Megan’s Law was signed in New Jersey in 1994, and it provides conditions for offender registration and community notification. In 2001, New Jersey established an Internet registry for Megan’s Law. Additionally, in May of 2009, the New Jersey Supreme Court held Megan’s Law to be the only law regulating New Jersey sex offenders. The implications of Megan’s Law are serious, so it’s important to discuss any kind of sex crime charges with an experienced defense lawyer.