Divorce is a complex undertaking for all spouses who choose to separate, but it can be especially difficult when children are involved. With the help of a Westwood divorce lawyer, parents can fairly decide on matters of child custody, visitation, and child support. But how should you approach the subject of divorce with your kids?

In this video, a licensed marriage and family therapist offers tips for talking to your children about divorce. Ideally, both parents should speak to all of their children together. Though you may be tempted to present your reasons for the divorce and what’s important to you, you should focus on how the children will be affected. Kids will be more interested in what the divorce will mean for them. You should also stress that the decision to divorce is not because of them or anything they’ve done.


For the most amicable divorce, be sure to consult an experienced attorney serving Westwood. Divorce lawyers at a leading law firm will help you navigate all issues of family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support, and more.