Although traffic violations or even municipal court violations may seem like small issues, these situations can have significant and long-lasting consequences if they are not addressed. Traffic violations may be associated with fines, increased insurance rates, and license suspension, while municipal court offenses can carry a jail sentence of up to six months and fines that can reach $1,000. You have the right to challenge any municipal court or traffic violation to prevent these repercussions from affecting your future. The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer can help you challenge these violations when you seek the assistance of a defense attorney in Paterson, NJ. Working with a criminal lawyer to dispute even minor violations is the best way to ensure your rights are upheld and your challenge is seriously considered in court. During the challenge process, your defense attorney will help you understand the charges and the potential penalties you face, as well as the best strategy to address the violation. Our criminal lawyers offer free consultations to assess your violation and your individual situation to determine whether disputing the charge or taking other action is recommended.