If you have been convicted of a crime, expunging your record has significant benefits. When your record is expunged, your conviction will no longer show up on criminal history reports and impact your life. If you have a record, talk to a criminal lawyer near Paterson to see if you could be eligible for expungement. Here are some of the ways having a clean criminal record could change your life.

Nearly every job application asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime other than a traffic violation. Not being truthful about your history could be a violation of the law, but being upfront about your conviction could cost you the job. If your criminal defense attorney successfully gets your record expunged, then you will be able to answer that question with confidence and without the risk of your record being discovered. Even when a prospective employer runs a background check, your record will come back without any convictions.

A criminal record can often cause problems for you financially. Since lenders may see a conviction as a sign that you may not repay your debts, your record could make it more difficult for you to get a loan. Without loan approval, getting a car, mortgage, or money for school is out of the question. A conviction may also stand in the way of other financial transactions, such as leasing an apartment. If your lawyer helps you obtain an expungement, these issues will be resolved.

When you have a criminal record, you never quite know when it will pop up and impact you. If your criminal defense attorney helps you expunge your record, you can finally put your case behind you and move on with your life. That means your record can’t be used against you no matter what happens in your life, from moving forward in your career to fighting for joint custody after a divorce. You will be on a level playing field again.