Making Your Will – Guardians, Trusts and Financial Matters

There are so many simple way to create a will.  Firstly, you itemize your assets then you state who gets the assets, the instructions in the will is carried out by your appointed Executor, for instance a donation to an orphanage, etc.  You may also proffer ideas on how you want to be buried and other procedure.

It is different when you have children! Appointing a Guardian to look after them may come to mind, also financial issues have to be considered and organized.  This would not be easy and it is obvious you need to seriously think this through.  This is the reason why a professional should be consulted.

The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer is a transactional and complete litigation firm.  Having  intense business, commercial and litigation experience, our attorneys cover many sectors including bankruptcy litigation, mergers and acquisitions, guardians and trusts, commercial and residential real estate and zoning issues, wills and probates , general corporate, immigration, construction, and intellectual property law.

Our Law firm, through the expansion of modern legal services, staff specialization and focusing on our clients’ needs, has experienced unwavering growth.  Listed below are vital components of services we offer our clients.

  • Providing counsel
  • Outlining options
  • Evincing strategies
  • Reviewing documents
  • Protecting your interests

Picking out a guardian for children is the most arduous decision you have to make when writing your own will.  You have nothing to worry about if the proposed Guardian is financially buoyant, however, the reverse is the case for most people.  Intending Guardian to your children may suffer financially if they have to take over care of your children.  At present they may be comfortable but what happens if either of them needs to give up work to take care of the child or children? Also, what about the additional expense of one or more children in the house?

The worst case scenario is that your child or their guardian may suffer financially at such a difficult time due to immense financial burden.  So, is it proper to leave a large asset to the Guardian to help them? Regrettably, this is not ideal because the Guardian will be put in a difficult position by having to decide how to handle financial matters such as investing and managing the assets and cash that you leave to them.  Also, conflict of interest may arise or they may face such accusations if they hold the money in their own name.

At The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer, we are organized into several areas, ample enough to handle complex cases, yet small enough to provide specialized personal attention to each of our clients.  There is a need for total trust in the relationship between client and Attorney.  For every issue you bring to us as a client, you get direct access to the best qualified attorney.  This we believe is decisive in rendering professional legal services.  Our team philosophy is that you be provided the advantages of our entire organization of legal professionals.  We are dedicated to fusing our skills and experience to solve client problems.

At The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer, every client is treated like our only client.  We employ objective and autonomous judgment coherent with the highest ethical standards.  We constantly focus on merging value with efficiency and enthusiasm with trust.  We know each client’s success depends on personal and collective efforts of our team.  Therefore, service, trust, interdependence and cooperation are highly valued by the firm.  We give you our attention and we listen.  When advice needed, it is offered in plain English that is easy to understand and straightforward.

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