Divorce mediation is the process through which you and your spouse determine issues such as division of assets, child custody, and spousal support following a divorce. During divorce mediation in Paterson, you and your spouse will meet with a neutral third party to discuss your options and come to an agreement; your divorce lawyers are also typically present as well to provide legal advice and ensure your rights are upheld and your concerns are addressed

935423871Assess Your Financial Assets

The division of financial assets is an important factor in any divorce. Before attending divorce mediation, it is beneficial to assess your financial assets and create a complete portfolio that includes your bank account, retirement funds, personal property and real estate, important household items and purchases, and any other personal or business assets you may own. You’ll also need a full list of your current debts, such as your mortgage, student loans, and other balances owed, as these will also play a role in the financial aspect of your divorce.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Even if you are filing for an uncontested divorce, it’s important to remember that you and your spouse may not see eye to eye on the division of assets or child custody matters. It’s important to go into your divorce mediation sessions prepared to negotiate, rather than argue; keeping the discussion calm and civil will help to speed this process along and could even help you avoid going to court to have a judge make decisions you cannot reach. While you and your lawyer should absolutely make sure your concerns and desires are voiced and understood, remember that the purpose of mediation is to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties, and this agreement may require some concessions on your part, as well as on your spouse’s.

Divorce mediation is an opportunity for you and your spouse to reach a divorce settlement out of court. Your divorce attorney in Paterson can guide you through this process to ensure your needs are met and the agreement you reach is satisfactory.