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A Look at Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries can range from mild to severe. They can include sprained ankles, bone fractures, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can cost the victim considerable medical expenses and lost wages. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property or on public property, you can consult a personal injury attorney in Paterson, NJ, … Continue reading A Look at Slip and Fall Injuries

The Expungement Process in New Jersey

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but when a mistake involves a criminal charge, it can haunt a person throughout his or her lifetime. If you have a criminal record, consider talking to a defense attorney in Paterson, NJ. A criminal lawyer can determine if you may be eligible for criminal record expungement. Expungement is the process … Continue reading The Expungement Process in New Jersey

Are Field Sobriety Tests Mandatory?

After being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer will likely ask you to step out of your car and perform one or more field sobriety tests. DUI lawyers located in Paterson, NJ, might note that police officers often present this request as though it were mandatory. However, it actually is not … Continue reading Are Field Sobriety Tests Mandatory?

Types of Assault Charges

If you are arrested for any type of assault charge, it’s essential that you contact a criminal defense attorney in Paterson, NJ, right away. All assault charges are serious criminal offenses and hiring a criminal defense attorney gives you the best chance of securing your freedom. Your defense attorney may need to defend you from … Continue reading Types of Assault Charges

A Couple’s Guide to Separation Agreements

Divorce isn’t always right for every couple when the time has come to part ways. Religious beliefs and personal preferences may make divorce challenging. However, while separated, a couple does need to sort through financial matters. This is where separation agreements can be helpful. Consider talking to a family law attorney in Paterson, NJ, to … Continue reading A Couple’s Guide to Separation Agreements